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So I bare my skin, and I count my sins.

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And if my woman was a fire
She’d burn out before I wake
And be replaced by pints of whiskey
Cigarettes and outer space
Then somebody moves
And everything you thought you had has gone to shit
But we’ve got a lot
Don’t ever forget that

And I wrote this on an airplane
Where the people looked like ants
And when a woman that you loved is gone
She’s bombing east Japan

Don’t fucking move
'Cause everything you think you have will go to shit
But we’ve got a lot
Don’t you dare forget that

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You start shaking at the thought,
you are everything I want
‘cause you are everything I’m not.

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My knuckles have turned to white
There’s no turning back tonight
So kiss me one last time

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Black Dog | Led Zeppelin

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There’s Nothing I Love More Than Baseball // You Blew It!

Too much, too soon. I’m doing my best to ignore you. I’m gritting grinded teeth and hoping that you’ll pull through. That’s all I’ve got to give. I think I’m justified to say maybe this won’t be worth it. That’s all I’ve got to give. I’m hoping that by Rockford this will be worth it. When will we see that superstitions won’t do anything? When will I see that superstitions won’t do anything?

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Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay
Sometimes, sometimes

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My essay on Puritans rn…

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I just want to see northern lights.

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